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This is your toolbox, with many resources you might need, whether you’re a member, a group scheme manager, an intermediary or one of our services provider.

The following elements together form a digital service:

  • A service (i.e. not goods)
  • Delivered via the Internet, or an electronic network
  • Supply is essentially automated, or involves minimal human intervention
  • Difficult to perform the service in the absence of information technology

Here are some common examples of digital services:

  • Software products and software upgrades
  • Software provided as a service (‘SaaS’)
  • Cloud computing
  • Downloading and playing online games
  • E-books
  • Subscriptions to online content
  • Site hosting services, VoIP, and content
  • Music, films, images, and photographs
  • E-services
  • Access to e-markets
  • Distance learning (pre-recorded and downloadable sessions)

And here are common examples of cases that are not classified as digital services:

  • A PDF document manually emailed by the seller
  • Live webinar online
  • Software developer’s contribution delivered and sold as a software development service

If a company supplies a package of services/goods, the company has to analyze the nature of the bundle and decide whether the complete package should be considered a digital service, or whether each element in the bundle should be classified and treated separately.

For instance, if a company provides packaged software and onsite support activities as a bundle, it would be reasonable to consider the packaged software as a digital service, and the onsite support activities as a professional service instead.

As an agency, we’ve been delivering our expert digital marketing service since 2009. Before we were Kristalium, we were called Smart Boost. You can read about our brand change here.

We’re an integrated digital service agency. Our services include all kind of online services from Hosting, Development & Coding, Cloud Management, SEO, PPC & Biddable Social Media, Content Marketing, Digital Strategy, Digital Designs and Data & Analytics. 

We offer flexible digital services packages for every business need. We can focus on any one of our services as a stand-alone service, for example, PPC or Social Media. Alternatively, we offer an integrated digital service & marketing that includes all or several of our services used strategically together to achieve the best results possible. You can learn about our integrated digital service & marketing service here.

Compared to an employee who has a broad knowledge of digital marketing, our team of 18 digital services experts are each experienced and accredited specialists in their particular area of digital services & marketing. 

Our experts are leaders in their fields when it comes to all kind of Digital Services. With the help of a Digital Strategy expert, our team members share knowledge between themselves to make sure all your digital channels work together in a joined-up approach and achieve more for you. We like to think of ourselves as an extension of your team, offering skills you can’t recreate in-house.

Our digital services team is made up of highly skilled experts and professionals who take the time to understand your business, industry, target audiences and your targets aims.

For Example “When writing content”: we carry out in-depth research using a range of tools such as Answer the Public, Ahrefs, Google Trends, SEMRush, and Buzzsumo. We also get direct input from you to make sure we’re working along the right lines.

Easily – you can find your dedicated referral link in your self-service dashboard. It’s in the referral section in your personal profile.

If you didn’t receive the verification email with the login link, you should check your spam folder in your email account. If it’s not there, and you still haven’t received it after a few minutes, you can try again, ensuring that you entered your email correctly when signing up. The email will be sent from with the subject “Log in to kristalium.”

When you’re unsure which email address you used when signing up with Kristalium, please send a short email to with your full name and ID code for a reminder, or ask to change it for a new one.

In case you still have more questions or are unable to receive the email, feel free to reach out to us at

The remember-me functionality works by using a cookie in the browser. This means that when you visit the next time from the same device and the same browser software, if that browser still has that cookie, it can continue the previous session.

Normal process:
1) Open a browser
2) Navigate to and click Login
3) On the login page, check the remember me checkbox and log in with your chosen method
4) You are now logged in
5) Close the browser
6) Open the browser again within the next 7 days
7) Navigate to and click Login (or navigate directly to our apps)
8) You should immediately be in the self-service, logged in from the previous time.

If this does not work, then things that could potentially break this:
1) Remember-me does not work in incognito/private browsing mode, because all the cookies are deleted after you close the browser window.
2) You have some 3rd party privacy software or browser security settings that delete cookies after the browser window is closed or after some timeout.
3) Some old conflicting cookies for our domain –> The solution is to delete all cookies for our domain once now and test the above flow again.

Unfortunately, we don’t allow our customers to freely choose their own payment gateway because most payment processors have very strict policies and a negative attitude towards location-independent businesses, along with an approval process that’s very difficult for e-residents to pass. We’ve had many customers who have either received a negative response from various payment gateways during their on boarding, or have had their accounts deactivated when they were already operating their business.

Another reason for only allowing certain payment gateways is that we need access to your transaction data so we can execute your company’s compliance and reporting, and it’s much easier to provide us with the data when you use the services that we can support by default. Other gateways often don’t have all the necessary data available for export or they might provide the data in an incompatible format which makes it much more difficult for us to take care of your accounting.

For these reasons, we decided to narrow the range of supported options to ones that work best with Kristalium Platforms, and that our customers have had the most positive experiences with.

The most common reason why signing fails, is the ‘Token signing’ extension on your internet browser. It needs to be ‘Enabled’ or ‘On’ as in the newest Chrome browser.

  • When using Chrome – Double-check if you have the extension called ‘Token signing’ available and enabled (‘On’). You can find it from the upper right corner Chrome menu by clicking on ‘Extensions’.
  • When using Firefox – Double-check if you have the two required extensions called ‘Token signing’ and ‘Firefox PKCS11 loader’ listed and in ‘Enabled’ status. You can find them from the upper right corner menu by clicking ‘Add-ons’, then ‘Extensions’.

After changing the status of the ‘Token signing’ extension, you’ll need to restart your browser by closing all tabs/windows of the browser and removing the card reader.

We are waiting for your question

At Kristalium, we’re transparent and honest at all times. We believe that working with a digital services & marketing agency should be straightforward and easy, and you should never feel unsure about how we do things.

That’s why we’ve created this list of frequently asked questions. It’s designed to help you learn more about the services we offer, how much it will cost in terms of your time and money, and what you can expect from working with us. 

We’ve done our best to answer the common questions that we’re asked to give you more insight into how we work. If you have any other questions about our service, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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